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Art without engineering is dreaming

Engineering without art is calculating

Steven Jacobs


Scientists study the world as it is,

Engineers create the world that has never been.

- Theodore von Karman


Success occurs when opportunity meets preperation

- Zig Ziglar

Engineering Expertise

Our engineering expertise includes Process-, Mechanical-, Piping- Metallurgical- and Welding engineering

MegChem South Africa

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MegChem is an engineering company operating primarily in the oil, gas, power generation and energy related industries. MegChem was founded in 1995 in Secunda, South Africa, as an engineering company rendering design services to the petrochemical industry. Since inception, we have developed into a fully-fledged multi-disciplinary engineering company able to provide turn-key solutions to a diverse client base.

Today, MegChem in South Africa has a stable workforce of more than 300 employees. Amongst these are more than 80 graduated engineers employed in various engineering disciplines, complemented by more than 100 design draftsmen, as well as other professionals in contract administration, procurement, information management, quality management and other support functions.

The Australian operation aims to leverage our existing engineering expertise and build our local Australian expertise and services to fill the need of the Australian power generation sector, oil and gas sectors as well as mining sectors. We pride ourselves on engineering excellence, delivering value at cost competitive prices.

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