Core Services

  • Analysis and Simulation

    Megchem uses state of the art simulation software for structural-, fluid- and multi body analysis. We solve real world phenomena such static strength verification, pressure, vessel design by analysis, dynamic response, contact, advanced materials such as composites, rubbers and plastics, full multi body dynamic simulation including flexible body behaviour, explosions, fluid structure interaction, system fluid flow and heat transfer, full three dimensional flow fields and heat transfer using CFD analysis.

  • Fitness for Service Reviews

    Fitness for service reviews for pressure equipment and pressurised systems for aged or damaged equipment are conducted using fitness for service and damage tolerant codes such as API 579 and BS 7910. We have the ability to assess damage mechanisms such as fatigue, fracture, crack growth and creep in order to determine if equipment are safe and fit for service.

  • Process Engineering

    Our process engineering capability covers the full life cycle from pre-feasibility and concept generation, through to basic and detail engineering design. We have expertise in oil and gas, UCG (underground coal gasification), pulp and paper, power generation, water treatment, minerals and metals processing.

    System thermal and hydraulic design allows us to design or specify package equipment for plant integration such as pumps, fans, heat exchangers, piping system, valves etc.

  • Mechanical Engineering and Design

    Our Mechanical Engineers are competent in the design of pressure equipment using the latest ASME, BS, BSEN, or AS standards as may be applicable. We can deliver designs using a standard “design by rule” code based approach using commercial verified and validated software as well as “design by analysis” using a FEM based approach. Over and above mechanical design, we also do industrial structural design to code, such as AS4100.

  • Piping Engineering and Design

    Our piping engineers specialise in the design and through life support of high energy piping systems. We use software such as Caesar II for pipe stress flexibility and support movement analysis for piping operating up to super critical steam conditions.

    We do new pipework design as well as full system replacement design and partial replacement designs.

  • Welding Engineering and Metallurgical Services

    Welding and metullurgical services covers all modern pressure equipment and structural steels. We cover all aspects from weld procedure development and qualification through to failure investigation.

  • Laser Scanning and Drafting

    Using state of the art laser scanning, we can capture full scale industrial plant with high accuracy. Using data we are able to generate CAD models and drawings of the “as is” plant condition. A combination of CAD and laser scan data can be used for engineered construction studies, simulating actual rigging practices and paths using a 4D approach (3D CAD combined with time). We are competent and use most CAD systems and have exceptional competency in Smart Plant.

  • Supply Service

    In collaboration with Aquaplan SA, MegChem can facilitate the supply of engineered industrial water treatment solutions. Aquaplan SA specialises in filtration systems, ultra filtration, ion exchange, sewage treatment, reverse osmosis and desalination systems. Custom engineered package plant equipment and containerised solutions can be delivered at cost competitive prices suited to your water quality requirements. A full engineered package is delivered including P&ID’s, control system design, detailed fabrication package and operation and maintenance manuals.

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